Hannes Bleuler, M.S. in electrical engineering at ETH Zürich, obtained a PhD at ETH in 1984, on a mechatronics topic (magnetic bearings, Prof. G. Schweitzer).

He then went to work for Hitachi in Japan (Mechanical Engineering Research Lab, Tsuchiura Factory of Hitachi Ltd.)

In 1987, he became lecturer at ETHZ and co-founded Mecos Traxler AG, Winterthur.

1991-1995 he was associate professor at The University of Tokyo, Inst. of Industrial Science. 

Since 1995 he was full professor of Robotics at EPFL Lausanne, specializing, among other topics, in biomedical robotics (surgery, exoskeletons, haptic interfaces). 

He retired from EPFL in 2019.

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