Team Bio – VariLeg enhanced (SUI), ETH Zürich and OST University of Applied Sciences Eastern Switzerland

 Speaker: Silvia Rohner

VariLeg enhanced is more than a walking device for paraplegics. "Our goal is to transfer technology from a pure racing exoskeleton into a novel, user-centric development", explains Silvia Rohner who leads the project. This program has initially been launched by ETH and OST after CYBATHLON 2016. 15 students from different fields were devoting two semesters to develop an exoskeleton in close cooperation with the two pilots. This prototype was further optimized by a team of engineers and health scientists. With a lot of training, both pilots were able to control their exoskeleton such that they mastered the whole obstacle course without failure in CYBATHLON 2020. The focus now shifted towards a more generic mobility aid, which will eventually support as many paraplegics as possible in their rehabilitation process and their everyday life.